Soft Serve, Shakes & More

 Electro Freeze™ equipment is dependable, energyefficient, easy to operate, clean, and maintain.Our quality equipment dispenses profitable products such as softserve, batch ice cream, shakes, yogurt, frozen custard, slush, smoothies and more.  Models are available to meet virtually every space and operating requirementwe can help you find yours. We also provide start up and ongoing support. We don’t just sell equipment and walk away, we will be there for you when you have questions or need help with your machine.

Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profitability, exceptional durability and easy maintenanceas well as the excellent service that comes with all of our equipment.

From slush to smoothies, frozen cocktails to hard pack and gelato, the sky is the limit!With over 40 models of equipment to choose from, We can help you find the perfect Electro Freeze model that will meet your business’ needs for many years to come.

Soft Serve

Ice cream. Frozen custard. Frozen yogurt. Softserve is an easy sell, made even easier by theconsistent, appealing treats produced by Electro Freeze softserve machines.As you’d expect from the softserve pioneer, the equipment choices meet many different needs.Select from single flavoror flavor twist models in highcapacity or spacesaving designs.


At profit margins of up to 80 percent, a shake machine from Electro Freeze can increase customertraffic by tempting them with tasty shakes.Choose from models that meet a variety of needshigh capacity, compact design, builtin flavorinjection and more. As with all our equipment, our combination machine is easy to operate, maintainand exceptionally durable.


Double your customer’s pleasure and your opportunity for profits with dual purpose, combination softserve/shake machines from Electro Freeze.These pressurized machines, including a patented Mix Transfer System, produce consistently highquality, delicious treats that expand the tantalizing possibilities for your customers.

…and more!

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combination soft-serve/shake

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