We believe we have the strongest brands and best quality product out there. However, to achieve success for our retailers we also back our brands with experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Your team has access to our professionals that will guide your employees through each facet of the Charley Biggs’ program. 



Some of our services include:

Can provide hands-on training prior to opening at our Showroom & Test Kitchen

Hands on training at your location, backed with positive reinforcement

Our Trainers are ServSafe certified & train according to those guidelines

Suggestions through marketing promotions to help increase sales & profitability

Quarterly QA visits are made to insure that quality is being maintained with the Charley Biggs’ program

New menu ideas

Comprehensive Cost Analysis to assist you in determining menu pricing

Staff re-training available (as needed)

Will coach team members on customer service, proper packaging and up-selling products

Manual & Charts

Cost Analysis Worksheet