Charley Biggs Chicken N’ Sauce™

The Charley Biggs’ program is unique in that it combines premium breading, seasoning and mouth-watering sauces; combine that with marketing, training and support solutions to help retailers (large or small) lay a foundation for continued growth in what has become a multi-billion dollar market in fresh fried chicken.

Today, many retailers throughout North America have intergraded the Charley Biggs’ program in their food service offerings. More Importantly, Charley Biggs’ retailers routinely enjoy annual sales growth as consumers choose Charley’s great tasting Chicken n’ Sauce over other local offerings.


Some of the key areas of differentiation for Charley Biggs include:

No Royalty or Franchise Fees

Flexibility in flavor profiles ranging from Traditional to Hot n’ Spicy

Premium dipping sauces that are a cut above your local competitors

A brand that appeals to the broader market of consumers

Menu Flexibility

An ability to co-brand with other foodservice option

On-site Support and Training

Marketing Support

Quarterly Quality Assurance checks

Where is Charley Biggs Best Applied?

Charley Biggs can be implemented in various types of stores. Our most popular placements are in:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Colleges
  • Travel Centers
  • Pizza Shops
  • And Many More…

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We believe we have the strongest brands and best quality product out there. However, to achieve success for our retailers, we also back our brands and products with knowledgeable and experienced trainers. Your team has access to our professionals that will guide your employees through each facet of the Charley Biggs' program.



Charley Biggs products are made with high- quality ingredients and with a variety of flavor profiles. The chicken breading and batter makes this food program unique and a delicious feature for in-store applications. Complemented by dipping and wings sauces, it’s a complete product package.



As a Charley Biggs food program partner, you are supported with product knowledge and marketing promotion. Our in-house team has developed and continues to incorporate marketing materials to help you build and grow your program sales. Operationally, we empower your success with established packaging and in-store signage.

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